Advertising screens bring an undeniable benefit to the sales strategy. It is shown to be an increase in sales between 30 and 50.

It is a profitable and effective solution that also adapts to the needs of the point of sale and the objectives of the campaign.

Our catalogue of advertising screens is wide and varied. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Open Frame Screens

7 inches screen Open frame

Media Players

Interactive Media Player

Professional high-tech advertising video monitors to suit all needs

  • LCD advertising monitors.
  • Sizes: 7 “, 10”, 15 “, 17”, 19 “, 32” and 42 “.
  • Playback of non-disruptive advertising spots in MPEG-2 with DVD quality.
  • Fully automatic ignition.
  • 2 Front speakers with a high level of quality and volume.
  • USB connection to update the advertising spot instantly with a pendrive.
  • Safety Glass.
  • Mixed support that allows you to hang them or put them on a table or bookshelf.
  • Motion Sensor that instantly connects audio when public presence is detected.
  • Possibility of equipment personalization.