Android advertising screens are a great solution for those brands and retailers who want to advertise their digital marketing messages in a commercial environment. With Android operating system and powered by Pulse technology, these compact displays include all the features of an Android tablet without tactile capability.

Android Advertising Screens

Available Android screen sizes

Android Screens: Features

Variety of designs

Different sizes and bracket designs are available to support your Android screen. Wall mount, table mount, floor mount, shelves installation and other solutions allow you to place your Android advertising screen in any desired location within your space.

Commercial use

Android displays have hardware and software designed specifically for commercial use. The use of screens in a commercial environment requires many hours of continuous operation and frequent use of users. We have developed our products with sturdy materials to adapt perfectly to this demanding environment.

Android Operating System

Developed with the Android operating system, screens can reproduce a wide variety of applications to reinforce marketing messages and promotions.

Automatic processes

The auto-sensing feature allows the Android screen to automatically detect any new content uploaded via a USB device. The Auto Copy function then automatically copies the contents to the default folder on the device. Finally, the Auto play function allows the automatic playback of content, once the device is connected.

Always connected

The advertising display is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G or 4G LTE functionality (where 4G connection is available). This allows you to use remote content on multiple devices. It also has the ability to connect to a LAN/Ethernet connection.

Mounting Solutions

The VESA fastening system on the back of the device allows for the simple and secure mounting of any standard support and location in your commercial space.

Robust design

Android displays are built with materials that allow continuous use for several hours. The screens are made of materials capable of withstanding the high demands of the retail environment.

Adjustable view

Horizontal or vertical view, it is up to you, it’s up to you, place the device as you want. The Android screen works perfectly in both types of view.

Built for retail sale

The volume and brightness buttons, USB ports, and other connections are located on the back of the unit to prevent customers from modifying your defined settings.

Change promotions from your office

Android operating system advertising screens allow content management remotely with our advertising software for remote displays Manager (RDM)

By means of WiFi connection or an integrated 3G modem it is possible to remotely monitor and manage the contents of the screens, installed at any point of sale of the Spanish geography.

With the Software for advertising on screens RDM plans and program at any time, individually, segmented or collective, what advertising will be displayed at each point of sale giving total flexibility to the brand.