PromoTienda, in addition to the rental of LCD advertising screens, offers you the possibility to buy the equipment (selling advertising screens) at very competitive prices.

The sale of advertising screens allows, if you wish, to contract our service of integral technical and logistic maintenance at the point of sale.

  • Unlimited equipment warranty and complete replacement of equipment when necessary.
  • Coordination with the person in charge of the installation point, for its start-up and withdrawal in the agreed promotion period.
  • Monitoring of the correct functioning of the equipment.
  • Immediate replacement of equipment in case of breakdown.
  • Storage and technical review in periods of non-use.
  • Cleaning, adjustment or replacement of damage-sensitive elements
  • Repair of damaged equipment (spare parts included)
  • Periodic submission of Excel listings with physical location, active promotion and team status.

Ask for a quotation for the purchase of advertising screens.

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