The Android Media Player has support for touch screens and traditional digital signage networks. Solid, compact and lightweight, this innovative player provides a wide range of interactive features to enhance consumer engagement.

This multimedia reprodcutor allows to convert touch screens of any size into fully functional Android tablets (the touchscreen must have an Android driver to work). Play your multimedia content and apps on any screen and anywhere in high definition. Connect remotely and follow your performance, capture data, and create analysis.

IDisplay Media Player
Commercial use

Commercial use

The hardware and software of the Android Media Player are designed specifically for commercial use, allowing you to play video, images, applications, and other interactive content in any screen size in 1080p Full HD. Solid and lightweight, the hardware has been optimized to support continued use in commercial environments.

Multimedia Entertainment

Powerful Hardware and intelligent design

The chip of the Android Media Player has intelligent design, ready for the power of two or four core processors. You have the flexibility to customize it so that it fits your content needs — whether it’s standard operations, or complex, and high-resolution images. The Android Media Player can handle everything.

Power over Ethernet

Ready for digital signals

The Android Media Player is equipped with built-in WiFi and optional 3G or 4G LTE connection (depending on availability). This allows remote content management on different devices. In addition, the media Player can connect to a LAN/Ethernet network.

Powered by Pulse

Integrated Hardware and software that is optimized for commercial use. With features like Auto-Power, Auto-Play, password protection, Data Analytics, and compatible with a wide range of industry-standard solutions.
“Pulse Technology” makes the Android Media Player the only solution that satisfies all your business needs.

Android Operating System

Android Operating System

Developed with the Android operating system, this media player can reproduce a wide variety of applications to reinforce marketing messages and promotions.

Wireless networks

Always connected

The Android Media Player is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and optional 3G or 4G LTE functionality (where 4G connection is available). This allows you to use remote content on multiple devices. It also has the ability to connect to a LAN/Ethernet connection.

Make your touchscreen a giant tablet

The Android Media Player can support touch screens of any size, making on large-scale Android tablets. Imagine the possibilities! You can create a huge screen with interactive content that will excite and excite your customers. * (Touch screen must have an Android driver installed to become a fully functional tablet. Please consult us for more information.)

Barcode Scanner

Simple external hardware connection

The Multimeida Android player gives you the flexibility to connect external hardware like a barcode scanner, a printer, or Android-supported touch screens to create your own interactive experience. Connect an external mouse to the media player and complete the digital experience with pushbuttons and a motion sensor.

Preventing unauthorized updating

Keep your content safe

Your content is safe and protected by a password. Only you, or whoever has allowed you access, can change the content and update the settings whenever you want.

Allows customers to understand the products

Consumer-Attractive applications

A wealth of attractive, entertaining, and consumer-educational applications can be used to provide an enriching and interactive shopping experience.